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About Us   

1071100_10151742108472597_590256224_oShellback Media is a Video Production Company Based out of New Hampshire.  As a team that strives to stay on the cutting edge of technology and technique, Shellback works to tell amazing stories with the highest quality video. With a variety of photography and editing skills we are able to tailor-make productions to help you tell your story, advertise your business, reach new audiences, expand your web presence, and capture your creativity. With a background in helping community based organizations focus their message, we specialize in production design as well as teaching. We help make video accessible in a wide variety of budgets and time frames.

Storytelling and Advertising

The classic use of video for commercial use continues to be the 30 second TV spot. But there are limitless ways to use pictures and sound to bring your story to stunning life. Video for your company can be used as training materials, promotional videos, tradeshows, or for investors. Non-profits can use it as outreach and for fundraising efforts, for documentaries, and record keeping.  For musicians video works as music videos and concert footage, and so much more.  Let us know what your vision is, and we can find a way to bring it to the screen.

Your web series

740703_10151742107512597_1896205934_oIn addition to single productions let us help you design a series to carry your ideas beyond today and into the future. A series allows you to develop your concepts and build a story over time. Series productions can be both scripted and non-scripted, and allow you to build an engaged audience.

Do it yourself workflows

The tools needed to create professional quality video are becoming more accessible every year. We have been working for years teaching people how they can use the expanding world of video technology to expand their outreach. In a few short days we can work to develop a workflow, get you setup with equipment, acquire the software you need, and teach all the skills you will need to get started. This is ideal for those looking to create daily video blogs, updates, or newscasts. It’s a fun and exciting way to reach a global audience.


Videos are one of the best way to build a buzz about your music projects. Live performance videos, behind the scenes films, and cinematic music videos are all tools you can use to gain exposure and be creative in a whole new way. Sample videos can be found on our music page here.